Introducing: The Sterling Silver Series

Introducing our newest collection: The Sterling Silver Series! If you haven’t checked it out already, these three new bracelets have a very unique look and feel. Want something comfortable yet classy? These are the bracelets for you!

New Health and Wellness

Pearl 925 Silver

This bracelet exudes class and elegance with its Mother of Pearl Centerpiece. Mother of Pearl is a shiny, smooth substance that is found on the inside of the shells of shellfish. It is often added to contemporary jewelry designs to add an antique feel. The Pearl 925 Silver is able to fit a wrist of any size, as the flexible material allows it to fit an extra small, small, medium, large and extra-large sized wrist.

New Health and Wellness

Love Knot Sterling

“The knot of love which has no end…”

This sleek and contemporary bracelet features a love knot, a stylized knot that symbolizes the never-ending bond between two lovers. Here’s an interesting fact: During the Victorian years, young couples would take a small limb of a tree and tie a lover’s knot. If the knot held, this meant that their love would stay true forever. Order before November 28, 2014 and save big on the Love Knot Sterling bracelet by using promotion code INSPIRE.

New Health and Wellness

Hammer Sterling Silver

This bracelet features hammered sterling silver allowing it to catch rays of light. Its unique look and texture can add that final, perfect touch to your outfit!

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Happiness Health Positivity

How to Give Others a Happiness Boost

Ever heard the saying “A little goes a long way”? When it comes to making others happy, this saying could not be more true. A simple act of kindness towards someone is remembered forever. You never know, you may lift their spirits on a bad day, or help them through a difficult time. However, the recipient is not the only person that will feel good from your kindness – you will as well! Going out of your way to do something nice for others will give you an instant boost of positive energy.

Happify posted a great article where they share Dr. Zak’s (a neuroeconomist and professor at Claremont Graduate University) favourite ways to make others happy, while also reaping the benefits yourself.

Here are his 5 tips:

  1. Ask “how can I be of service to you?” – you’ll discover an opportunity to help
  2. Maintain eye contact
  3. Stop pretending you’re the only person in the box – always say hello to everyone, including strangers!
  4. Comment on their emotions
  5. Expand your use of the ‘L’ word – let your close friends and colleagues know that you ‘love’ them (if you’re comfortable with it, of course!)

Have a friend that’s been lacking positive energy lately? Maybe it’s time you surprise them with a QRay bracelet! It may help to give them that boost of positivity that they’ve been looking for. We want to hear what you do to make others happy! Share your favourite ways with us on Facebook or Twitter.

Volunteer Donation Charity Health Wellness Positivity

Paying It Forward

You may be only one person, but you have the power to make a difference. Just by doing one simple thing, you could dramatically change someone’s life for the better. Whether it’s by putting a smile on their face, or saving their life, paying it forward should become a part of your everyday lifestyle. Kindness and compassion go a long way. Not only will it help someone else, but you’ll find that your overall positivity will be at an all-time high.

Here are ten simple ways you can help others:

1. Hold open the door

2. Volunteer in your community

3. Donate blood

4. Share your umbrella

5. Pay for the order of the person behind you

6. Buy a meal or give money to a homeless person

7. Put money in the parking metre for someone else

8. Donate unused clothes and food to a homeless shelter

9. Help someone carry their grocery bags if they’re struggling

10. Mentor someone

Still want another suggestion? What about a QRay bracelet? Pass on the gift of positivity to a friend or family member to help them feel their best.

Health Wellness Drawing Doodling Sketching

Why Doodling Should Be a Part of Your Daily Routine

Do you doodle? Many people think that doodling is just an absent-minded task that wastes time. Believe it or not, there are actually a number of benefits to scribbling your signature all over your page (one of the most popular doodles).

It can help people stay focused and retain information. We tend to consider doodling as a form of daydreaming, but it actually requires a significant amount of brainpower. A research study of 40 participants found that the 20 people who were asked to doodle retained more information than those who did not doodle.

Think of it this way – when you allow yourself to doodle, you give yourself the opportunity to build creative thoughts and ideas. When listening to someone speak as you doodle, you’ll not only remember the information, but also build upon his or her ideas. You’re also helping to keep the brain active.

So, the next time you catch yourself doodling stick-figures, stars, your signature or whatever else it may be, don’t feel guilty! You’re actually working very hard.

The 22 Best TED Talks to Inspire Fitness, Health and Happiness

We all need a little inspiration every now and then. Watching a TED talk is a great (and free!) way to learn from the life lessons of a wide range of experts. Thankfully, Greatist has already curated 22 of the best talks in the fields of fitness, health and happiness! Enjoy!

Best TED Talks for Fitness, Health and Happiness Inspiration

Do you have a favourite TED Talk? Share your thoughts with us below!

Problem Sleeping In

Why Hitting Snooze is Bad for You

You know the feeling: It’s Monday morning, your alarm has just gone off, but your bed has never felt comfier. The thought of the weekend being over and having to head off to work shortly makes you want to dive deeper under your covers. You’d do anything to just get a few extra minutes of sleep so you can put off the start of Monday as long as you can. The alarm is blaring and you reach over and hit snooze…. time to head back to sleep.

Hitting snooze is probably one of our favourite things to do. Yes, it gives you a few stolen moments of sleep before you have to face reality, but there are actually a number of negative effects. The next time you try to steal an extra five minutes, consider these facts:

1. The saying “You snooze, you lose” is actually true – you’re setting yourself up to be more tired during the day. If you go back to sleep and enter a new sleep cycle, you won’t have enough time to finish it, which leaves you feeling groggy and tired

2. Maybe you need to go to bed earlier. Consider what time you’re going to bed, if you find that you’re hitting snooze every single morning, you’re probably not getting enough sleep. Turn in earlier and you’ll find that you won’t be tempted to hit snooze

3. You’re throwing off your internal clock – Waking up at 6:30am one day and 7:00am the next is not good for your body. Your internal clock will not know when to feel sleepy, which leads to you staying up later at night and consequently feeling sleepier in the morning

Shower Thoughts

Why We Get Our Best Ideas in the Shower

Have you ever realized that you get your best ideas while lathering on soap in the shower? It seems a little strange…why would your brain be producing such great ideas while you’re in the buff? You may think that your time in the shower is a time for you to shut off, but it’s actually when your brain is the most active.

When you’re doing something monotonous such as bathing, it activates your brain’s default mode network. Your mind then begins to wander, making it more likely for you to have a creative epiphany. Have a difficult problem that you’ve been trying to solve? It’s likely you’ll solve it in the shower.

Standing under nice, warm water relaxes you so much that your brain also releases a neurotransmitter called dopamine. Just a small dose of this can boost your creative juices. This is why the ideas you have in the shower are so much better than those you have at work. You’re in a nice, warm, relaxed setting with no external pressures or distractions to interrupt your thought process.

So, how can you capitalize on this time in the shower? If you’re coming up with ground-breaking ideas and you want to remember them, consider getting a water soluble pen to write your ideas on the glass or wall. In the shower, you have no judgment or analysis from others, which should allow your ideas to flow without you second-guessing. Use this time to solve problems and brainstorm so you can begin your day (or the next day) feeling empowered to follow through on your ideas.