How To Feng Shui Your Home

Have you ever walked into a space and been overwhelmed with a sense of calm, and the sense that the space just… worked? That’s the power of feng shui! With a few easy steps, you can channel good fortune and good energy into your home. Here are a few recommendations for your living areas: feng shui

Natural Flow:You want to create a space that enables energy to flow freely throughout the room. To create this sense of ease and fluidity, imagine if a stream of water were to be running throughout the space. Would it encounter many obstacles, or would it be able to carve an easy path?

Let It Shine: You want to enable as much light as possible – especially natural light! Attempt to brighten dull or dark areas of the room with mirrors and clear, bright lighting. Try to avoid fluorescent or yellow tinged, unnatural lighting. Halogen bulbs are a great way to mimic natural light.

Plants: For a healthy chi it’s important to incorporate as many plants as you can into your living space. This is an integral principle when it comes to energy flow.

Close Off: In order to maintain energy balance, ensure that doors to other rooms are closed off.

Pristine Presence: Arguably the cardinal rule of having good feng shui is being clutter free. Have very clear organization and do your best to have a knick-knack free living space.  This creates a better energy and also appears to be more inviting.

Furniture: Though you may not think about this when purchasing your furniture, its composition means a lot in terms of how it makes you feel. For example, chairs and couches with high backs and sides give a feeling of safety and protection. Additionally, placement is key. Never have a chair or couch with its back to the door. Always have your seating facing the door!

Red: Work the color red into your living spaces to help channel wealth and prosperity.

Last but not least, remember that a happy home is always where there is harmony between people. With these words in mind, we encourage you to adopt a few of these wellness-inducing measures into your home! Are you looking to channel your energy and find inner calm? Consider a QRay bracelet! Learn more about the benefits of QRay.

The Best Herbs For Pain Relief

Those who suffer from an injury or chronic pain will know how it feels to have tried almost everything to relieve their pain. Every medication, special mattress, wrap, and back support that is on the market (or so it seems!). An interesting alternative is working these marvelous pain-relieving herbs into your cooking. Feel better – naturally!


Ginger: Long used in Chinese culture, ginger is a powerful anti-inflammatory. Also used to calm and settle upset stomachs, ginger is incredible for reducing osteoarthritic pain!

Red Pepper: Including both cayenne and chili, you’d never guess that red peppers are a crucial and often overlooked component of pain relief. Red pepper can help, as when a heat increase is felt in the body, VR1 (the body’s vanillin receptor 1) changes its shape and signals nerve cells to feel heat as well, fooling the brain into relieving your pain signals.

Oregano: Oregano is a triple threat in that it is anti-spasmodic, anti-inflammatory and analgesic. Long used in the Mediterranean for its natural healing properties, many who suffer from muscle spasms or arthritis swear by it!

Clove: If you have sensitive teeth and suffer from toothaches, look no further. Cloves are frequently a main ingredient in many dental products intended for pain relief. This is because cloves are host to numerous antiseptic, anti fungal and anesthetic properties.

Liquorice: Not the type that your Grandma kept in her candy bowl, liquorice is a longtime source of pain relief. In addition to blocking and preventing inflammation, liquorice has also been known to quell anxiety and nervous disorders.


What will you be whipping up tonight with your newly learned arsenal of natural, pain reliving herbs? Share your recipes with us on our Facebook page!

Yoga – For Kids!

Millions of people worldwide have found calm and solace in the practice of yoga. For many, it’s a daily necessity to find their inner calm and soothe away the day’s anxieties. So why not teach your children these practices? Though not as commonly discussed, children deal with plenty of anxiety experienced at school and dealing with their peers. Take a look at some of the best and easiest yoga poses for children: 

Warrior 2 Pose: This pose will help children embody strength. Lean deeply into the lunge and keep the front foot angled outward. This pose will help your child with stability and assist in opening their lungs and breathing.

warrior 2 pose


Tree Pose: Aim your energy towards the sky and attempt to balance. Though challenging, this pose will be fun for kids to try! This pose will help your child with their balance and strengthen the bones, while also boosting self esteem!

Tree Pose


Downward Facing Dog: This pose will help to boost circulation. And let’s face it, kids loving playing, so anything with an animal name in it will have them happy to cooperate!

downward facing dog




Hero Pose: This pose will help to stretch out your child’s hips, thighs, and even feet. It will also improve circulation, and is said to help relieve asthma symptoms.

hero pose



While you’re constantly looking for ways to improve your child’s life, how about your own wellness? Find your wellness in a beautiful QRay bracelet today!

DIY Organic Beauty Products

It seems as though beauty products today are consistently chalked full of a new wonder ingredient that is supposed to reverse the effects of aging, get rid of dark circles, or make our hair grow super quick. Doesn’t this seem a little disconcerting to you? When you look on the back of the bottle, all you see is long list of chemical names that are impossible to pronounce! Are we really supposed to put these things inside and on our body? The alternative is much simpler, and much more cost effective – Why not make your own beauty products? Here are a few of our favorite ones to try out:




Impurity Removing Face Mask

After being out in the city all day, sometimes it feels as though you come home wearing a layer of pollution. Especially because our faces tend to be more sensitive, it’s important that we take special care to cleanse and purify. Purchasing a quality facemask is often a very expensive endeavor. High end masks with organic, quality ingredients can range from $20 all the way up to the hundreds! This facemask will exfoliate, clean, and purify your skin leaving it fresh and glowing. Follow this easy recipe set out and enjoy the benefits of clean skin!


2 tablespoons bentonite clay

3 capsules activated charcoal

3-4 teaspoons aloe vera

1-2 teaspoons shea butter

1.5 oz camomile tea

1 drop peppermint essential oil (optional)

1 drop eucalyptus essential oil (optional)



Start by brewing the tea and melting the shea butter in a double boiler. When the tea is ready and the shea butter is completely melted, mix them together.

Mix the bentonite clay and the activated charcoal.

Add the clay and charcoal mix to the shea and tea mix and stir.

Add the aloe vera and essential oils and mix well.

Store in an air-tight container.

To use: apply all over face and keep on for about 15 minutes. Wash off well, and admire your soft skin!


Oil Honey Hair Mask

Some of the most frustrating products to buy are hair care ones. They tend to be the most expensive and it’s always a hit or miss. It seems as though most shampoos and conditioners do nothing but strip the oil from our hair and leave it limp. Going the organic route may just be the best option. Using natural ingredients to clean and purify our hair; not strip it of its natural essence and layer on chemicals. Coconut oil is a wonder product and is used in everything from teeth products to cooking, and yes – hair! This super easy recipe for a coconut oil and honey hair mask will leave your hair shiny and naturally healthy!


2 parts coconut oil, melted

2 parts honey

1 part apple cider vinegar

Mix together and pour into a microwaveable jar. The hair mask will naturally separate in the jar. Re-melt and stir before each application. When applying: apply roots to tip, leave on for up to 30 minutes, wash and rinse!


Homemade Lotion With Calendula + Aloe

Our skin absorbs much more throughout the day than you may realize. The elements and pollution do a number in terms of drying out and damaging our skin. Though many moisturizers promise to rejuvenate and replenish our skin, many strip it of its natural oils that keep it healthy and hydrated. Doesn’t it make sense to use natural essences and earthly products to replenish our skin? Aloe and Vitamin E have long been used to treat both skin and hair. Additionally, calendula is a natural anti-inflammatory and skin rejuvenator that has been used for ages. If you’re looking for an organic alternative to the chemical heavy products on the market today, whip up this easy and homemade lotion:



½tablespoon raw honey, ideally manuka

½tablespoon aloe vera

3 tablespoons calendula oil

10 drops of Chamomile (or lavender) essential oil


Pour all the ingredients into a very clean or sterile bottle and shake to combine.

Test in a discrete spot to check for irritation.

Wash the affected area, shake bottle to combine ingredients and gently apply the lotion (if treating sunburn, wait until the heat has cleared from the skin before using this lotion).

Store in the fridge, as the cool temperature will help soothe, too.


Embracing natural products can work wonders in naturally rejuvenating your body. It’s important to treat your body with organics and know exactly what you’re putting on and into it. Additionally, it’s important to keep your body’s energy aligned to feel a sense of overall wellness. Take a look at some of our QRay products!