Smile more, stress less

As a child, we laugh, smile and play without a single care in the world. As we grow up, our smile tends to turn upside down as we’re often busy and stressed over work and personal responsibilities. It’s important that we proactively make time for fun, as there are a number of psychological benefits associated with smiling. You’ll find that as you try to form a balance between your work and personal life, you’ll be happier and healthier.

Photo courtesy of Shutterstock
Photo courtesy of Shutterstock

Here are a few reasons why you should smile more:

1. When you smile, neurotransmitters called endorphins are released, which make you feel happy, and in turn, decreases your stress levels.

2. Smiling is attractive! It’s true – no one wants to approach you if you look angry or upset. You know what they say, don’t frown, as you never know who is falling in love with your smile.

3. Smiling is contagious. Happy people make others happy.

4. Smiling boosts your immune system. The more you laugh and smile, the more relaxed and healthier you become. Laughter is truly the best medicine, as it increases your infection-fighting antibodies meaning you’re less likely to get sick.

The key to a happier and more positive life is smiling! Change your life and Q the Positive!



Do you spend your days daydreaming about visiting temples in Thailand, eating fish and chips in England, or snorkelling in the Bahamas? You may suffer from wanderlust.

No, it’s not life threatening. Wanderlust is simply the irresistible desire to travel! Sound like you?

Photo courtesy of Shutterstock
Photo courtesy of Shutterstock

Travel can expose you to some of the most unique and memorable experiences. Meeting new people, trying new foods, sightseeing…all of these things not only teach you about a new country, but about yourself as well.

You don’t need to travel very far to experience the benefits of a vacation. Whether you spend hours on a plane to cross to the other side of the world, or you just take a short bus ride, you can still take part in all that travel has to offer.

If you haven’t traveled before, or are thinking about travelling, here are a few reasons why you should book a trip today:

  • You’ll see things in perspective – your problems will seem very small compared to those in other countries
  • Eliminates stress – How can you be stressed while lying on a sandy white beach or exploring a new town?
  • You’ll be happier and more positive
  • It can improve your relationships – If you travel with a partner, it will help to strengthen your bond

The possibilities and experiences while traveling abroad or within your own country are endless. Pick a place, book your ticket, pack your bags and go! The world is waiting for you!

Getting Serious about Sleep

Do you find that you’re often tired, miserable and unproductive throughout the day? It may be time for you to make a change to your bedtime habits to ensure you’re getting the best sleep possible. The quality of your nightly rest is key to ensuring you’re happy, productive and full of energy throughout the day.

Everyone is different when it comes to sleep, in terms of the number of hours needed, and what you need in order to fall asleep. Whether you need 6 or 8 hours of sleep, or you require the sound of the ocean to soothe you, consistency is key.

Photo courtesy of Shutterstock
Photo courtesy of Shutterstock

Here are some tips to ensure you’re always well rested:

1. Wake up at the same time everyday – If you wake up before or after your regular time, you’ll tend to feel more tired

2. Control your napping – If you need to nap during the day, keep it to 20 minutes. You’ll wake up feeling refreshed and it won’t affect your ability to fall asleep at night.

3. Create a bedtime ritual – Some people read, others listen to music. Find out what works for you and only do it right before you sleep to get your body in a routine.

4. Avoid caffeine and sugar at bedtime – This should be an obvious one. Swap the pop or coffee for a glass of water.

5. Dim the lights – Avoid bright light in the evening to get your body prepared to fall asleep

Changing your mood and energy level is as easy as making these simple changes to your sleep schedule. Start to take your sleep seriously and you’ll wake up feeling good and looking good.

The Power of Colour

Have you ever realized how you react to particular colours? Bright colours make us feel happy and upbeat, while darker colours can lead to feelings of laziness. Our own personal associations with a certain colour can also determine our mood.

Photo courtesy of Shutterstock
Photo courtesy of Shutterstock

Many psychologists and designers believe that colour affects the energy level of a room. If you want an easy way to increase your happiness, productivity and inspiration, tap into the power of colour to find the ones that are right for you:

  • Red: the most emotionally intense colour; symbolizes love
  • Orange: encourages creativity, happiness and spontaneity; symbolizes warmth
  • Yellow: attention getting, uplifting and cheerful; symbolizes optimism
  • Green: the most popular decorating colour; symbolizes nature
  • Blue: peaceful, tranquil and calm; symbolizes loyalty
  • Purple: royalty, luxury, wealth; symbolizes sophistication
  • White: the colour of innocence and purity; symbolizes sterilization
  • Black: the colour of authority and power; symbolizes secrecy

With an understanding of what each colour can do for you, here are some simple, everyday ways that you can insert colour into your life:

1. Paint your room – give your bedroom or office a makeover by painting your wall with colours that induce happiness and warmth

2. Wear bright clothing – Woke up feeling a little tired or uninspired? Put on your brightest shirt or pants. You’ll find that your mood will instantly improve.

3. Eat colourful foods – They not only taste good but they make you feel good as well!

Choose the colour that works for you and colour yourself happy!

The Truth about Traditional Chinese Medicine

Ever wondered what inspired the QRay bracelet? Traditional Chinese Medicine (also known as TCM) has been around for more than 2,000 years. In this alternative form of health treatment, good health is not cured by modern medication but instead by promoting the healthy flow of qi (pronounced ‘chee’).

Photo courtesy of Shutterstock
Photo courtesy of Shutterstock

This ancient method is based on 3 main principles:

  1. Disease results from an imbalance between two opposing yet complementary forces, yin and yang.
  2. Qi is an energy that flows through the body and is critical to maintaining health
  3. The stages of human life and the functioning of the body are symbolically represented through five elements – fire, earth, wood, metal and water

These principles have helped to guide the formation of the following approaches, most of which are also practiced in North America:

  • Tai chi:A Chinese martial art that is practiced with slow movements
  • Acupuncture: Thin needles are inserted into special areas of the body called acupuncture points to help promote the flow of qi
  • Herbal medicine: Various parts of plants such as roots and seeds are used and combined to create teas, powders and capsules.

There are various reasons for why someone would choose TCM. Maybe they find modern treatments difficult to tolerate or they’d prefer a method where they have more control. TCM can be an excellent complementary health approach to more modern treatments but delaying or interrupting conventional treatment to try an alternative method can pose a risk. Before making any decisions, do your research and speak to a qualified practitioner.

Do you practice TCM? We want to hear about it! Let us know on Twitter or Facebook!

Featured Product: The QRay Pendant

We all have those days when we would do anything to head back to bed. You’re either feeling a little stressed from school or work or maybe you just have a case of the Mondays. On days like these, you need a pick-me-up and we often turn to sugary, caffeinated beverages to solve our problem.

However, the next time you think about buying a large coffee to get you through the day, you should consider the other options that are available for an energy boost – natural health. It is an excellent way to become more in tune with your body and naturally give your energy levels a boost.

What are the top ways to boost your overall wellbeing? Get enough sleep at night, maintain a healthy diet and exercise often. By ensuring you do these three things, you’re helping your body to look and feel good. In addition, there is something you can wear each day to work in tandem with a regular sleep and exercise schedule and a healthy diet – The QRay Pendant.

Available in two unique styles, the Octi Pendant and the Diamond Pendant, it is the perfect way to experience the benefits of QRay! Using the QRay C-Coil Technology, the pendant enhances vitality and your overall sense of wellbeing.

How does the pendant work? The secret of the pendant is placed inside the beautifully crafted jewellery case in the form of a C-shaped bio-metal coil. The coil works in sync with your body’s bio-energy system to revitalize and channel your positive energy.





With a sleek, simplistic design, the pendant is not only functional but extremely stylish. All pendants also come with an adjustable necklace to suit the length preferences of the wearer. If you’re looking to perform your best at all times, try out the QRay pendant today to see if it can work for you!

With all the demands of everyday life, it can seem like maintaining a healthy and natural lifestyle is unattainable. Remember, just by making a few small changes you can make a big boost to your overall wellbeing!

Living a Natural Life

What’s the first thing you do when you feel an ache or pain? Most of us don’t hesitate to make an appointment with our doctor to get it checked out. Truth is, we’ve been conditioned to always find a medical solution to our problem. When we get a headache, the first thing we look for is a bottle of Advil or Tylenol.

Although we’re not denying the need for medical treatments, there are also other methods that can help treat the body in a more natural way.

Before the Internet and before doctors, people used a treatment called Naturopathy to stimulate the innate healing power of body. Often, minor health problems are a warning sign that your body is not fully functioning. Instead of modern medication, naturopathic doctors believe that a special energy guides bodily functions such as metabolism, reproduction, growth and adaptation. Through using naturopathic treatments such as herbal medicine and acupuncture, your body will be able to heal itself not only physically but emotionally and mentally as well.

Photo courtesy of Shutterstock
Photo courtesy of Shutterstock

The QRay bracelet was created with the same principles in mind as Acupuncture – one of the most popular forms of naturopathy. Acupuncture stimulates specific ‘acupoints’ along the skin of the body through the penetration of thin needles. According to traditional Chinese medicine (TCM), stimulating these points correct imbalances through channels called meridians which act as pathways for positive energy.


QRay bracelets are worn on the wrist over a meridian and functions similar to an acupuncture needle where one end serves as a ‘ground’ and the other end is a ‘regulator’. If you choose to wear your QRay bracelet on your right arm, you allow the open end to face upwards. If worn on your left hand, the closure faces down in order to effectively balance your positive energy.  Please note, that QRay is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. Our wellness bracelets simply support naturopathic treatments to help the body optimize its positive energy.

The choice is yours. If you’re ready to begin living life more naturally and positively, naturopathy may be the solution for you!

5 Gifts for Every Type of Dad

Looking for a gift for Dad? We’ve put together a selection of items fit for every type of dad. Is he a handyman? A golfer? A businessman? No matter what type of dad he might be, QRay’s got you covered! He’ll love it. We’re positive.

The Handyman: Help your dad Q the Positive without a heavy or bulky bracelet getting in the way. Our Lite Titanium Bracelet is durable, flexible, lightweight and won’t scratch or tarnish when he’s hard at work with his tools.


The Businessman: Is Dad a little stressed over work? Our sleek, simple QRay Professional bracelet will help him optimize his positive energy while also maintaining his professional image.


The Avid Golfer: Give him a pair of sunglasses that will help him to focus solely on his game and not the bright rays of the sun. A popular and contemporary style with extremely strong scratch-resistant lenses and lightweight metal frames. Objects appear sharper, clearer and with less distortion than you’ve ever seen before with the Fairway Sunglasses.


The Sports Fan: Whether he’s actually playing sports or just watching them, the strong, scratch-resistant Sportster Sunglasses block all UVA, UVB and UVC rays allowing him to concentrate on the game, and look cool while doing it.


The Hip Dad: Is your dad hip? Does he like to set himself apart from the rest of the dads? The QRay Black and White Deluxe or Midnight Black and Gold bracelets are perfect for him. These two-tone, stainless steel bands will allow him to stand out wherever he goes.





This Father’s Day give Dad (or any important father figure in your life) the ultimate gift of positivity. He’ll appreciate you giving him something that will help him optimize his positive energy and be the best he can be! Don’t wait too long! Our Father’s Day promotions end June 15, 2014.