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5 Secrets for a Happy Winter

happy winter couple


  1. Stay Active! In the winter it can be difficult to find the energy to keep up with your fitness routine. To combat this, buddy up and find a friend who’s willing to tag along and motivate you. Winterize your workout routine and buy some winter workout clothes to help you muster up that extra motivation!
  1. Keep Social It can be awfully tempting to hide away and hibernate in the winter months, but it’s important to stay social! Socializing can be a powerful way to boost your mood and keep morale up during the winter months. Call up a buddy or two and hibernate together with some Christmas movies and hot cocoa, or engage in a winter activity like ice-skating!
  1. Eat Healthy During the winter months it’s natural to want to eat warm, heavy foods that fill us up. Fatty and sugary comfort foods can mess with your blood sugar levels and actually leave you crankier than before you indulged! Instead, indulge in foods high in omega-3 fatty acids, whole grains, veggies and protein!
  1. Light it up! The National Institute of Mental Health found that exposure to bright light in the early morning can be a powerful and effective treatment for seasonal depression. So as soon as you wake up, throw open your curtains and turn on all the lights in your bedroom! Additionally, scented candles or a fireplace also act as a calming, soothing feature in the evenings.
  1. Supplement The lack of sunlight among other things in the winter can leave a nutritional gap. It’s important to stock up on the appropriate vitamins before the winter months hit in order to stay as happy and healthy as possible. Vitamin D, fish oils, Vitamin B12 and a good multi-vitamin are all great ways to supplement your winter nutrition!

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