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The Health Benefits of Your Morning Coffee

Everyone loves starting their day off with a nice cup of coffee, but did you know that it could also improve your health? Coffee has a number of healthy benefits that may help you feel better and it could even prevent some serious illnesses. Check out all of the amazing ways that coffee could help to make you feel healthier!

morning coffee

Wake Up Call

Obvious, right? Well, actually: it turns out that coffee can wake you up before you even drink it. Recent studies have proven that coffee can make you feel less sleepy just by smelling it! Not only is this an amazing discovery, but it also explains why the smell of a fresh brewed pot can get you out of bed even on the hardest days.

Athletic Performance

We all know that coffee can wake you up and keep you up for long periods of time. Even at the gym, coffee can help stave off the effects of exhaustion, allowing some athletes to give their workouts an extra boost.


Talk about a morning eye opener! Studies have shown that coffee may prevent retinal degeneration which means that it could keep your eyes healthy and in tip-top shape for longer. The world is a better place with coffee – you’ll see!


This time we aren’t talking about your eyes, but your mind! Coffee can make you more productive and more efficient by improving your ability to focus. No wonder you need a cup before starting work for the day!

Possible Help with Parkinson’s Disease

Some people with Parkinson’s disease have reported that coffee helped them with better controlling their movement.

Healthy Mind

A number of studies suggest that moderate coffee drinking may reduce the possibility or delay the onset of dementia and Alzheimer’s disease.

Live Longer

Recent studies have found that coffee drinkers are less likely to die from many different causes including: heart disease, stroke, injuries, accidents, diabetes, and infections.

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