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Improve Your Memory by Avoiding These Habits

Do you have trouble remembering your new coworker’s name? Do you ever forget your best friends’ birthdays? Do you find it difficult to keep track of important appointments? Poor memory can be extremely frustrating, but it turns out that your memory is heavily influenced by your habits. Certain behaviors can actually have a negative impact on how quickly and easily your brain stores memories! We’ve put together a quick guide to some of the bad habits which cause you to have the most trouble remembering things. Avoid doing these and you might find that your memory will be better than ever before!

Not Sleeping Enough

There is a strong relationship between sleep and memory. While you sleep, the areas of your brain which control your memory are actively forging new connections to strengthen the memories which you made during the day. If you aren’t getting enough sleep at night, your brain will not be able to solidify your memories in the same way, and you may end up forgetting important things that you were supposed to remember the next morning.


Smoking has been linked to a decrease in memory since it reduces blood flow to the brain and can affect the flow of information. If you’re a smoker and having difficulty remembering things, you should definitely quit. You should quit smoking anyway as we all know the many health problems that it can cause!

Inactive Lifestyle

Exercise is a fantastic way to make you more alert and sharpen your mind. Physical activity can positively affect your brain by encouraging cell growth and improving your mood and sleep patterns. Exercising more can seriously improve your memory, so get active!

Poor Diet

Eating lots of greasy and fatty foods is not only bad for your heart and body, but also your mind. A poor diet can create all sorts of problems for you, but its negative effect on your brain function is the worst when it comes to your memory. Try to eat cleaner and increase your intake of vitamin B12 to boost your memory. Vitamin B12 is found in great foods like shellfish, eggs, and dairy and can improve your sleep and help you remember things.

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