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Spring In Bloom Around The World

Is there anything more beautiful than flowers freshly blooming, birds singing, and nature reawakening? Take in these marvellous images of spring in bloom around the world!

  1. Texas Bluebonnets

Even just looking at them you can imagine how fresh and fragrant these must smell!



  1. A Flower Speckled Valley in British Columbia

Don’t you just wish you could run through this field?



  1. Cherry Blossoms Awakening in Japan

Such a calm and inspiring view! Aren’t cherry blossom gorgeous?



  1. A Sleepy Stream in Herefordshire

This would truly be the perfect place for a springtime picnic!



  1. A Lush, Green Barn Yard Scene

Looks incredibly idyllic


What is your favourite spring hallmark? Share it with us in the comments below! Become your best self and rediscover wellness with a QRay bracelet.

4 Calming Mountain Sunsets

As is, mountains possess a calm and majestic beauty, simply based on their sheer mass and peaceful appearance. When the sun sets on the peaks of a mountain range it creates a breathtaking image that can be incredibly calming. Here are 5 calming mountain sunsets from around the world to add an element of serenity to your day!

  1. A Colorful Sunset on the Peaks of Cerro Torre Mountain, Patagonia Argentina


  1. A Gleaming Wallberg Mountain Sunset in Bavaria, Germany


  1. A Fiery Sky in Big Bear, California


4. A Peaceful Setting Sun in Slovakia


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11 of the Most Tranquil Forests

1)     Capilano Suspension Bridge, Vancouver, BC  (via Reddit.com)

Suspension Bridge

2)     Peaceful woods of California (via Reddit.com)

nature's staircase

3)     Exotic beauty of the amazong (via Reddit.com)

tropical foliage

4)     Tranquil Calm in Alaska (via Reddit.com)

mountain forest lake

5)     Lush Green Foliage (via Reddit.com)

lush green forest trail

6)     Beautiful old Watewheel (via Reddit.com)

old water wheel


7)     Awe Inspiring Greenery in Vietnam (via Reddit.com)

mountain valley


8)     An Incredible National Park in Croatia (via Reddit.com)

lush forest with lake

9)     Eerie Beauty in Mississippi (via Reddit.com)

eerie swamp


10)  A Babbling Brook in Sweden (via Reddit.com)

clam babbling brook

11)  Beautiful Milford Track in New Zealand (via Reddit.com)

mountain brook

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