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Why Our Sterling Silver Series is the Perfect Fit for You

Have you heard? Our Sterling Silver Series of QRay bracelets are some of our most exciting options yet! These bracelets will help you look great and feel even better with a fantastic combination of style and comfort. The best part about our Sterling Silver Series is that each bracelet is uniquely designed to fit your lifestyle. Which one will you choose?

Pearl 925 Silver – The Fashionista

This sleek bracelet is perfect for you if you love putting together stylish outfits! Featuring a beautiful gemstone, the Pearl 925 Silver is lightweight and always looks classy. Bring a new level of elegance to your wardrobe with this form fitting piece. Wear it on your next night out or look like you just walked off the runway all the time!

Love Knot Sterling Silver – The Romantic

Do you love being in love? Are you fascinated by the awesome power of nature? Either way, this is your ideal bracelet if you find meaning in those larger than life feelings that bring us happiness! The Love Knot Sterling Silver is an amazing example of intricate modern design. This double banded silver cuff bracelet will always remind you of the important things in life and keep you focused on the positivity in your day!

Hammer Sterling Silver – The Athlete

You know the value of living right and looking good. The Hammer Sterling Silver bracelet is an excellent choice for your active lifestyle and can help you achieve balance between your fitness, wellness, and relationships. Crafted with a low profile design to allow for maximum function, this bracelet will fit your lifestyle as easily as it will slide onto your wrist. Find your center within your busy life and focus on what really matters!

Which bracelet will you choose? Let us know! For more QRay products, please visit our online store.