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12 Awe Inspiring Winter Landscape

  1. The transition between autumn and winter  (via Reddit)

winter forest and mountains

2.   Winter in Colorado, ‘Garden of the Gods’  (via Reddit)

winter mountains

3.  Cliffs ablaze with sunshine in Yosemite Nation Park  (via Reddit)

winter river

4.  Winter majesty of Moraine Park (via Reddit)

winter pine trees and lake

5.  A kaleidoscope sunset in Ceahlău Massif in Romania  (via Reddit)

incredible winter sunset

6.  A peaceful scene in the Alps  (via Reddit)

snow covered mountain peaks

7.  A glowing winter sunrise in the Maroon Bells Wilderness (via Reddit)

sunset on mountain lake

8.  Hauntingly beautiful, Southern Montana  (via Reddit)

frosty forest river

9.  The clam Netherlands countryside (via Reddit)

winter creek

10.  Glowing slopes of Telluride  (via Reddit)

winter mountain top

11.  Almost doesn’t look real  (via Reddit)

turquoise lake of alberta

12.  Frozen desert of Utah  (via Reddit)

desert winter