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5 Yoga Poses for a Better Sleep

So often we find it difficult to leave the worries and stress of the day behind us. Even after weve decompressed at home, had family time and crawled into bed, it can be truly a daunting task to calm the mind. This can result in sleepless nights that only lead to grumpy mornings and unproductive days. Ease your mind and have a better, more refreshing sleep with 5 easy yoga poses.


1.     Bridge Pose

Bridge pose creates an inversion of the body, and can often produce stress relief and improve circulation. This pose opens the chest and will give your chest muscles a nice stretch.

2.     Half Lotus Forward Fold

This position will stretch out your outer hips as well as your glutes. When folding forward, really try to melt into the pose and allow your mind to become quiet.

3.     Spine Twist

This will provide a gentle twist felt throughout the back and can be incredibly relaxing. Do your best to keep your mind quiet and calm.

4.     Standing Forward Bend

Not only is this position excellent for receiving headaches and lowering stress levels, but many yogis also claim that it is powerful in reducing insomnia.

5.     Savasana

This is the ultimate pose to get your body ready for sleep mode. Focus your attention on your body and your breathing. At this point, you should be able to let your worries of the day go!


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Yoga Poses for Simple Stress Relief

1)     Cat Pose

As depicted, place wrists directly under your shoulders and your knees under your hips. This pose will gently massage the spine as well as your belly organs, therefore acting as a powerful stress reliever.

cat pose


2)     Standing Forward Bend

Although this position is usually used to transition between poses, it also stretches out your hips, thighs and hamstrings. Additionally, it is said to relieve stress, fatigue, and mild depression.

standing forward bend

3)     Savasana

This pose is easily considered the most calming part of most one’s yoga experience. The body and mind become totally at ease.

Woman resting in Shavasana

4)     Legs-Up-Wall Pose

This pose is traditionally thought to slow the aging process as well as relieve stress.

Limbering up

5)     Seated Forward Bend

This position can help you alleviate a distracted mind and help you to unwind. In addition to stretching the hamstrings, spine and lower back, it will also aid in stress and anxiety relief.

seated forward bend

6)     Child’s Pose

By resting your head on the ground this pose will allow you to lower your anxiety. This pose can be done with arms stretched out in front of you or against your sides.

childs pose

7)     Mountain Pose

This pose will help keep you in focus and feel a sense of grounding. This will strengthen your whole body and give you peace of mind

mountain pose

8)     Cobra

The opening of your chest while in cobra position will bring about almost instant stress relief. This pose will help you to feel centered and lighter.

woman in cobra pose

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